Design Team 
(in collaboration with Space10) : 

Sinus Lange, Kasper Reimer, Daniel Veenboer, Yulia Kozlova, Evgeny Markachev, Emil Vindnaes, Marco Ravini, Karolina Pajnowska, Kathryn Goligher, Linn Granlund, Arielle Khosla

Urban Village Project is a new visionary model for developing sustainable, affordable and livable homes for the many people living in cities around the world. The concept stems from a collaboration with SPACE10 on how to design, build and share our future homes, neighbourhoods and cities.

Cities all around the world are facing major challenges when it comes to rapid urbanisation, ageing populations, loneliness, climate change and lack of affordable housing. It is clear that unless we rethink our built environment, our cities will become increasingly unsustainable, unaffordable and socially unequal.
A   M O D U L A R   H O M E
Built in wood, made for disassembly.
Building with sustainably sourced timber enables CO2 reductions, faster construction and minimized waste through prefabrication, flatpack transportation, quick and efficient assembly, and a healthier indoor climate.
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